Movies with the most memorable bushy moments


As I got into a conversation about modern bathing suits for females and how women with a full bush, can’t wear them without flashing some of the pubes because of the sizes they have and as to wether women should just obey these perverted bodyhair-phobic unhirsute times and shave it off or walk around with a little bit of the bush popping out of the bathing suit. And wether it is the clothing industry who should meet the (hairy) customer or if it was the customer who should just obey and assimilate to the trends of the clothing industry. One of the ladies who were present at the conversation started to talk about the movie “Last Tango In Paris” with a grey haired Marlon Brando and asthonishing beautiful young Maria Schneider. She described how she noticed that Maria Schneider had a really big and voluminous bush but how it wasn’t actually that big but just seemed huge because so few women ever let their bush fully grow out, making it a very rare sight.

Later on I saw the trailer to this movie called “How To Be Single” where a friend to a single girl adresses the fact the shave pubic hairs between her legs she’s got a bush “ohh the horror” natural body hair is soooo gross in a world where goosy bumps and eczema and irritated skin is much less controversial than a full grown bush!

With that kind of phobia and disgust for a thing that a lot of praise and find attractiv, you know a big and full grown bush,  I’ve made a motion picture collection of incident’s where famous female actors have shown more than just a little hair down stairs to the pleasure of almost any man in a time where nude scenes where a thing you appreciated and anticipated with great excitment. A time where men weren’t all that stuffy and hysterical only demanding nude women with an almost invisible amount of hair in some kind of miniature triangle cut. A time where women wouldn’t get shamed for having bush as if it were some kind of monstrous deformity. A time where men and women weren’t such cry babies when it came to accepting women who has something as healthy as an unspoiled bush. In reminiscence of a time where bushes where the thing men desired and long for because it was the true sign of a women being naked and unstripped – the thing most of us men spend our lifetime craving, needing, longing for and loving.

Bushiest moments in movie history (scandinavian version)

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Svenske celebrity muffs (vol. 2)

Beauty and the bush – Svenske celebrity bush (vol. 3)

Norske celebrities with hairy bush (Part 2)

Sexig svenske celebrity muffs

Bushy wonders and norske celebrity kjønnshår

Amazing bushes from movies (Iceland)

Celebrities showing off the bush (UK Version)

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